Creativity, innovation and functionality

Morrow is a Spanish fashion brand that designs its garments from scratch, in a slow, meticulous and very careful process where creativity and technical innovation go hand in hand. We seek originality and functionality in our designs. We offer you garments that will become something unique and durable in your wardrobe.


Deconstruction – 2018
Elements of Nature – 2018
Warrior – 2019
Street Explorer – 2020
More is more – 2021
Shepherd’s crumbs – 2021

Fashion collections

Our collections are characterized by the small number of outfits that form them, no more than twenty, in order to work on them with the maximum detail and quality. We like to tell stories through our collections, so we get fully involved in the search for the concept that works as a common thread of each garment within that collection, that story. Discover them!


Fashion collection “Warrior”.

This collection is inspired by the distinctive elements of military uniforms and clothing. But it does not speak of war but of personal struggle, that which allows us to survive in our day to day life by bringing out the best in ourselves.


Fashion collection “More is more”.

Eccentricity, decontextualization or originality, taken to the maximum elegance. Garments that show, as much as possible, that which is outside of and it will do so with a single premise not to lose the elegance of the garment, "More is more".


Migas de Pastor” fashion collection

The main objective we set ourselves when designing the garments of this collection by applying techniques such as Minimal Waste, Upcycling or contemporary Patchwork was to create a recognizable, coherent and quality collection, where the reuse of resources and materials was the central point of it, trying to generate as little waste as possible.


Fashion collection “Elements of Nature”.

This collection is inspired by the elements of nature: earth, water, vegetation. All of them exposed to the sun, the main element of our editorial. To which we show ourselves with the handcrafted and unique pieces of Moler Gafas, to enjoy it, admire it and protect ourselves.


Fashion editorial “Deconstruction”.

With this intervention in a series of warm garments we have carried out a redesign process through the deconstruction of the original garments to create new ones, thus giving a new approach and a new life to these garments.


Street Explorer” fashion collection

This collection is inspired by the exploratory nature of women: to investigate, experiment and grow. In a cosmopolitan jungle, the city, his natural habitat, where he develops all his activity, professional and personal, every day. In this environment she feels safe, motivated and active.

“The way I build volumes and shapes in three dimensions to cover the body is a unique experience with which I enjoy a different way of designing.”

Barbara Perez

Fashion Editorials

Morrow has participated in different editorials for specialized international fashion magazines such as Elegant Magazine, Volant Magazine or Feroce Magazine.

Fashion and Method Performance Runway

We have participated, with some of our outfits, in the second edition of the experimental patternmaking Performance Catwalk “Fashion and CreamoditeMethod, an international meeting that brings together fashion designers from around the world.

Costumes for the short film “Lying to a liar”.

Several of our designs have participated in the short film “Mentir a un mentiroso” (Lying to a liar), set in a futuristic Madrid.