Fashion design

Fashion editorial “Deconstruction”.

Intervention of garments for men’s fashion editorial.

With this intervention in a series of warm garments we have carried out a redesign process through the deconstruction of the original garments to create new ones, thus giving a new approach and a new life to these garments.

With the aim of reusing garments and reconvert them into something new that tells a different story, and that grouped under a new concept find a new way to survive. We are committed to sustainable and upcycling techniques.

Editorial Outfits

Shooting Team

Model: Hugo Afonso @hugo.ab

MakeUp & Hair: Raquel Fermua @raquelfermua

Photographer: Bárbara Fdez @barbarafedez

Fashion designs: Bárbara Pérez by @morrowfashion

Editorial: Volant Magazine @volant_magazine

Fashion editorial in Volant Magazine

We created the fashion editorial Deconstruction for Volant Magazine to focus on the need to reuse and recycle unused garments, and to demonstrate that fashion design can give a new life to these garments from a more creative point of view.

Morrow has relied on a team of professionals to develop this editorial and we thank them for their effort, involvement and professionalism. You can view the editorial directly on Volant Magazine’s Facebook page.