About Morrow Fashion

We create garments that make you feel different

Tomorrow… what should I wear?

How many times have you been about to go to bed and thought, “What shall I wear tomorrow? The next day, you wake up in the morning five minutes later than you should have because you have turned off the first three alarms without getting out of bed… you have had a coffee while you are still almost asleep and, suddenly, the eternal question comes up again…

You have an important meeting, then you will go for a drink with your work colleagues and finally you will pick up the kids from school… you want to be comfortable but elegant, warm (it’s winter and you don’t want to be shivering all day), while still conveying that you care about your image, that you are modern, and a capable and powerful professional.

“Tomorrow will be a special day, tomorrow will be a Morrow day.”

Our History


Over the years, my passion for design has led me to dedicate myself completely to it. I have been training in this field and exploring new areas in which I can express myself. I am an art director and graphic designer. As a fashion designer I have been able to experiment with fabrics, textures, materials, shapes and volumes in a way that other fields of design do not allow me to do. In this area I have been able to unify my three passions: design, pattern making and sewing.


Our Mission

Philosophy and Values

Morrow is a brand that tells stories with its garments, where concept is the cornerstone of everything we do. It is important for us to know the why and what for of the things we do. We are committed to a fashion that develops over a slow fire (
slow fashion
) locally, close to our environment, close to who we are. We want you to feel special with our garments and to discover something unique and different in them. Let its design catch you!

Fashion design


Presentation of collections