3D fashion design and pattern making

Migas de Pastor” fashion collection

Fashion collection design in 3D, for a more sustainable process of pattern making, prototyping and fitting.

The main objective that we set ourselves when designing the garments of this collection by applying techniques such as Minimal Waste, Upcycling o Patchwork contemporary was to create a recognizable, coherent and high quality collection, where the reuse of resources and materials The main focus of the project, trying to generate as little waste as possible.

At a structural level, we have been inspired by cubist painting and its concept of geometric abstraction, focused on the use of geometric shapes as a synthesis resource to convey a focus or feeling. I am attracted not only by these geometries but also by the constructivist way that allows us to create a garment as a construction of small pieces that fit together and give shape to a set with a certain meaning. As a result of this way of creation, from small geometric pieces that give shape to a whole, the name of our collection “Migas de pastor” ( Shepherd ‘s crumbs) arises.

Outfits from the collection


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