3D fashion design and pattern making

Fashion collection “More is more”.

3D fashion collection design, for a more sustainable pattern making, prototyping and fitting process.

Eccentricity, decontextualization or originality, taken to the maximum elegance. Garments that show, as big as possible, that which is out of context and will do so with a single premise, not to lose the elegance of the garment. In this collection “More is more”.

I set myself the challenge not only to create the collection inspired by an exhibition I had seen of Elsa Schiaparelli, and all the concepts and artistic currents investigated from it, but to use a surrealist visual concept without losing the elegance, realism and functionality of an elegant, sensual, feminine, comfortable and dazzling party garment. Creating garments in different styles for different women, but always maintaining harmony in design. With our designs we have enlarged a button, a slimming bag, a collar with a tie, a shirt sleeve and a zipper.

Outfits from the collection


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